The Incentive Area offers our guests an insightful look at the unique wine culture of our region. Join us in our wine cellar for a glass of wine from the region’s best vineyards paired with traditional cheese and other culinary highlights. If you are interested in learning everything about Austria’s wine industry and traditional types of wine, we recommend you our guided wine seminar with one of our wine growers.

Our offer:

  • presented by local winery owners
  • cozy atmosphere in the hotel’s own wine cellar
  • dégustation of different local wines
  • jointly designing a degustation evaluation form
  • training the senses of smell & taste
  • 8 dégustation samples, incl. cheeseboard, bread & water
  • 6-12 participants
  • excl. €150,00 room rental

Degustation topic:

  • Across the “Thermal Region”
    €28,00 per person (inkl. tax.)
  • Across Austria
    €28,00 per person (inkl. tax.)
  • Best of the ´Thermal Region`
    €34,00 per person (inkl. tax.)
  • Best of Austria
    €34,00 per person (inkl. tax.)


Our “Show kitchen”, located on the 1st floor, is not only a great place to grab a quick snack during workshop breaks but can also be easily turned into a cooking entertainment venue. Please feel free to contact our hotel staff and book your reservation if you would like us to cook for you or if you want to be your own chef in our kitchen.

Our offer:

  • collaborative cooking in our show kitchen
  • led by a professional chef
  • recipe book for each participant
  • preparatory tasks of the chef
  • eating the multi-course meal
  • usage of the kitchen utensils, tasting the ingredients
  • 20 participants maximum
  • excl. €500,00 room rental

from €45,00 per person (incl. tax.)



Enjoy the tour through the wonderful world of rums. It does not matter if you are newcomer or pro there is rum for every palate. Taste seven different kinds of premium rum and let a rum pro explain where the taste comes from and the differences. Here you have the opportunity to get to know the world of rum on the side from “Havana Club” and “Bacardi”.

Our offer:

  • guided training with a rum expert
  • cozy atmosphere surrounded by 850 different rums
  • Tasting of rums from around the world
  • jointly designing a degustation evaluation form
  • 7 rums and 1 cocktail
  • 10-14 persons

You can find more information at:

Degustation topic:

  • Adventure tasting (rum tasting for beginners)
    €49,00 per person (incl. tax.)
  • New discovery (rum tasting for advanced)
    €49,00 per person (incl. tax.)
  • Special tasting – R(h)um and chocolate
    €54,00 per person (incl. tax.)
  • Special tasting – rum producers and countries of origin
    €54,00 per person (incl. tax.)